door Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyse

Name: Pieter
Surename: Van Nieuwenhuyse
Birth: 03/02/1981, Leuven
Ancestral region: Rivierbeekbekken
Current residence: Hoeilaart

Artistic field: Archisculpture, installation, painting, essay
Master: (Free) Visual Art
Other studies: Environmental art & planning, teaching, forestry
Other jobs: None

Gallery: None
Artist-run initiative: Des Esseintes
Other initiatives: Youtube


The most important theme in my work has become my interpretation of the eternal return, because this thesis is the culmination of all my previous ways. The purpose in one’s life is to find a series of subjects of fulfillment that will arise and fall into an eternal cycle of manifestations. The essence of European spirituality is heroism, where eternal recurring suffering is boldly confronted. The European forests are grim and dark, but here and there is a clearing full of bright flowers and smiling spirits. Because this open space quickly becomes dull, a man goes from one open space to another.

Solo/Duo: ‘Van Melk en Honing‘ Moeras (Winterspelt)
Group: ‘Kring 21’ Des Esseintes (Hoeilaart), ‘Endless Love’ Espace0 (Brussel), ‘B-Side’ Saloon (Brussel), ‘Slowart’ Kunstkabinetten (Kortenberg), ‘Mini Middelheim’ Warande (Brussel), ‘Dansverboot’ SH (Brussel), ‘A’Mon Avis’ Asbo (Palermo), ‘Open-M’ M (Leuven), ‘Playing the piano’ Argos (Brussel), ‘Nexus’ Vuatalo CC (Helsinki), ‘Preliminary Investigation’ Patarei (Talin)
AIR: Wiels